When you arrive at Harvest, you’ll be greeted by friendly people as you make your way in. Our information station will be the first thing you will see. There you can grab a cup of coffee, ask questions and find out more information about us.  and any information you will need for your visit. You will be met with lots of smiles, laughter and people who would love to connect with and help you out in any way they can.


Our Sunday services encourage you to connect with God on a personal level, be encouraged by His Word, and fellowship with others in a loving, life-giving atmosphere. Praise and worship is a time for you to communicate with God and experience His presence in your life, followed by teaching from the Bible that’s powerful and practical. Our goal is that every believer will grow in faith and in the revelation of unimaginable love the God has for us.
Relax, there is no set dress code, no pressure to give, and no one will point you out during service. With that said, here are a few things that typically happen during service: 
  • Communion is placed on either side of the sanctuary. We view communion as an act of worship, so feel free at any time during service to take part in communion. 
  • We believe that God speaks to all His children. For this reason there may be a time of sharing from others in the service.